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Our company is one of the leading Brands in Security Doors (steel) in India. We have been catering to every section of society for good many years, and have become customer’s obvious choice over the years, and continue to be one of the most trusted name in Door Industry.

We supply doors to WHOLE SALERS, RETAILERS, BUILDERS, HOTELS, MALLS, SHOW-ROOMS, HOMES, SHOPS, RESTAURANTS, across INDIA. Our company, CASA PORTA IMPEX is one of the leading importers of steel doors in India. We offer wide range of choices, STEEL DOORS, ALUMINIUM BATHROOM DOORS, PVC DOORS, AND WOODEN DOORS (only on special order).


It is our constant endeavour to become customer’s obvious choice by providing complete solutions of DOORS and WINDOWS at his door-steps, through innovative, reliable and high quality services.

We firmly believe that customer is not only the KING, but also the ultimate judge. Therefore, we hold him in high esteem and know that he deserves the best. Hence, we are committed to provide him a hassle-free service.

At the same time, we would like to grow at a steady pace to a position of strength and prominence in our areas of operation.


  • • To act decisively and on time.
  • • To think with Clarity and Courage.
  • • To achieve goals with confidence.
  • •To secure your home and protect the Environment.
  • • It is a Common knowledge that deforestation and reckless felling of Trees, is rampant across the world, thereby, causing colossal damage to the Environment.

As things stand to-day, it is very unlikely that we might leave this Green Planet, liveable, for our coming generations. It is our sincere hope, one day, we won’t have to say to our children that there used to be TREES on this Earth, but, now we get oxygen from newly invented Tech-trees, as TREES have vanished, just as DINOSAURS.

This is precisely the reason that our Company, CASA PORTA IMPEX, has introduced Exquisite High Security Steel doors, to secure your homes, shops, offices, clinics, business-establishments, work-places, Banks etc. These doors are, sturdy, anti-burglary/theft, anti-rust, fire-resistant, and come with 10 unbreakable locks, 7, computerised keys and manufactured with, ‘’State of the Art, ‘’technology.


We attach great importance to TRUST, DILIGENCE and OPENNLESS, in our dealings. MUTUAL TRUST QUALITY, EXCELLENCE and Customer’s satisfaction are our guiding Principles.


Why Steel Doors over wooden doors?

The Steel Door is a revolutionary concept in the door industry with lockset, 12 locks system reinforced lever bars (8 side Lock(s) lever, 2 top and bottom lock lever).

The Lock set has a unique effect of surface treatment, the door can be opened more comfortably with a single key operated 12 lock lever & very convenient to handle. The steel door lock comes with a set of 7 computerized keys (2 keys + 5 keys ) in case of any loss of key, the initial 2 key set can be automatically deactivated with deactivation key & rest 5 key set can be used thereon. The steel door sill is of stainless steel 304 grades (water resistant grade) which enables your door to serve you much longer.

The steel doors are heat printed with heat coated paint layers on the door surface to make it an all-weather resistant door. The heavy duty door hinges of stainless steel 304 (WATER RESISTANT GRADE) are used for all door hinges with a set of 3 in each door. The doors and their frame are connected with new type of hinges, the opening angle can be adjusted so that the door can be easily operated.

These doors have multilayer door frame with thicken inflected frame which have multi functions such as; anti-pry, thermal insulation & cold protection. The steel door comes with a unique feature of air bay type seal fixed on the door edges & door frame edges which results in the prevention of dust, heat- insulation, noise reduction, vibration & insect's entry.

The steel door comes with a high definition magic eye with super large visual angle, smart and attractive, allowing everything outside the door come into your vision, and have special provision of in- built door- bell.



• Digital locks/ bio metric/ card system as well as 7 keys.
• 5 years warranty for anti rust & paint surface.
• 1 year warranty for locks & hardware.
• Anti burglary/ anti theft / anti rust / fire resistant.
• Dust/ sound proof.
• 10 Unbreakable locks.
• Zinc- phosphate coating for anti rust.
• P.U painting as in cars & buses.
• Easy to install, just in 2-3 hours.
• Maintenance free.
• Complete peace of mind.
• State of the art technology
• Wide-range of doors to choose from.
• World class locks / safety and security with European standard locks.
• Environment-friendly doors.