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We use CRS (cold rolled steel) of first grade quality. Which are superior in metallic characteristic than traditional mild steel.
Q235, hot rolled steel plate is used.
Indeed, these doors are ready to use as they come with pre-fabricated door-frame and accessories (magic-eye, handle, locks set of keys and fasteners).
Well, these doors are all purpose doors, they can be used at private places (homes, Bungalows, Buildings, flats, Housing society, mansions, Havelis, Farm-houses, SPA etc.) as well as commercial establishments (Shops, clinics, hospitals, malls, show-rooms, go-downs, banks, offices, pubs, bars, restaurants etc.)
Well, they can serve you 50 years without any maintenance problem.
It is because these doors come with 6 to 10 anti-theft locks, which are operated with a single key. (8 side-locks and 2bottom-top locks) these locks are in-built, which are invisible from outside, hence, it is very difficult to break them.
Indeed, they are, because the whole-door is treated, with zinc-phosphate coating, which prevents the door from rusting and weather-effects.
Not really, as they come with PU painting, as in cars, buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the colour or paint of these doors will fade.
No, they are fire-resistant doors.
It is very unlikely because they have (7) computerised keys.
Invariably, it takes 2-3 hours for one door.
No, they come with complete door-frame(pre-fabricated).
Well, these doors are made up of steel, and not wood, so they help us preserving our forests and reckless felling of trees for commercial as well as personal purposes.
Each door-leaf is of 70mm thick and its frame & sheet thickness is of Heavy Gauge.
No, they have fillings of honey-comb paper and other fire resistant materials.
Since, safety and security is everyone’s main concern, and nobody wants to take a chance with it. These doors exactly serve that purpose. In case of fire, wooden-doors will be of no use, but steel-doors not only protect your family but also your valuables. Apart from that they give you complete peace of mind, world-class looks, safety and security.
Indeed, we operate through the net-work of franchisees across India.
Yes, interested parties/clients are welcomed.
No, they don’t that’s what makes the difference between steel doors and wooden doors. They are weather Resistant.
Indeed, we give 5 years warranty for the door for anti rust and one year warranty for hardware locks, handles, etc.
Well, we accept credit cards, on-line transfer, cash, and cheques. (Advance payment)
No, these doors are not chemical resistant.)